Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yummy Chili Tostada!

Well, at least that's what I'm calling it. We eat Chili fries a lot in the winter, it's easy and the kids like them. I started making them LONG before the restaurants started selling

Anyway, tonight was my 14 year old's night to make dinner, and he wanted chili fries. We didn't have any fries, we had tater tots, so he made do with them. Unfortunately, they have loads of fat and so does regular chili, so I had to figure something else simple to eat, cause my weekly dinners have to be around 1300 calories a day. This is what I came up with, and it was really yummy and filling with a salad. Hope you like them!

Chili Tostada's

Nalley's vegetarian chili, 1 can
Del Monte Petite Cut Diced Tomatoes, 1/2 C
sweet raw onion, .5 cup
Kraft fat free Cheddar cheese shredded, 3 serving
La Banderita Corn Tortillas, 4 serving
Kroger Fat Free Sour Cream, 4 serving

preheat oven to 400. Spray a cookie sheet with pan spray. Put the tortillas on the pan and spray them. Bake for about 10 minutes, checking to make sure not burned. Turn over about 5 minutes in. Pull out, put chili equally on top of tortillas. Put a spoon full of tomatoes on top of chili. Put cookie sheet back in oven and back for about 5 minutes. Pull out and sprinkle with cheese. Put back in and bake till cheese is all melted.
Makes 4 servings, usually about 2 each. Great served with a salad!

Nutritional Info
* Fat: 0.8g
* Carbohydrates: 36.1g
* Calories: 230.8
* Protein: 18.0g

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