Saturday, September 27, 2008

Viva Summer!

Okay...Here I am complaining about how many deadlines I have for writing, and I'm creating a new blog? Sigh.

But I couldn't help it -- I love to cook, I love recipes, and I think so many cooks (or chefs) don't think of the Low Income group of moms (i.e. those that are stay at home moms or work part time outside the home) when they are dreaming up those recipes that call for expensive ingredients.

So -- Here is my new blog. One dedicated to everything FOOD! I love to cook, but I'm getting to where I hate to shop. sigh. That's to do with

Anyway, hopefully you've discovered this because you like food too, so I hope that what I end up posting will be something you enjoy as well. I figure sometimes I'm an Italian at heart, so it's probably going to be more pasta than anything else...just a forewarning...grin.

But hey, we're in America, the land of homemade rootbeer, fruit pies, BBQ everything and that homemade ice cream that melts almost faster than you can dish it up.

Viva Summer!

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